Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Roundup 8-23-14

Good morning my lovelies I hope the day has been treating you well.  It's time for another installment of Saturday Roundup a post that brings an entire week of post into one place. So if you have missed anything this week now is your chance to catch up.

Fun creative posts:

Post written by me for fun and entertainment 

Product/Book reviews:

Post written about products and books I've received or tried
Free Blog Opportunity:

Post featuring ways for you to increase your numbers and host great giveaways on your blog be sure if you sign up that you tell them I referred you thank you 


You can enter to win great stuff

Places you can go to earn easy money 

Places you can go to get free stuff to review and use
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday confessionals 8-22-14

I Confess:

  • I am frustrated with my finance company for my home mortgage
  • I get aggravated when you send a company several emails and phone messages and they don't' reply
  • I know businesses are busy but 2 week is sufficient time to return a call
  • I also get frustrated when companies buy out other companies and when you call to get details on loans or account no one knows anything
  • I am done venting
  • I hope you all have a wonderful weekend

what are you confessing today?

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Local Swap Reveal #Fun #Food

You all know I love participating in blog swaps they are fun and it's always nice to get good mail. So of course when my girl over at Chaotic Goddess Swap sent out the call for the Local Flavor Swap I was so in.

 I was paired with  Laurene who is from Utah. Oh my she really spoiled me with awesome stuff. Here is what she sent me in my box of yummy. 

a letter with beautiful pictures and list of famous people

Handmade soap that smelled like Lilacs

Two kinds of chocolates which you know I'm loving

Popcorn, honey, some sort of spread I can't wait to try and coffee/cocoa

I am so enjoying my box so much as is son he is loving the popcorn. I of course am in love with the chocolate. Thank you Laurene you truly spoiled me and I love it. 

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