Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday 2-21-12

Hosted by: Shawn and Impulsive Addict

First let me say I am still alive even though I know I haven't been by to say HI. I have no excuses other then I've been lazy and enjoying A good book so have not been online much that said I promise to stop by each and everyone of you today to at least say hello. that said on to some fabulous news.

see this awesome piece of artwork:

  This is Roux made just for me by Rabbit. Roux is an amazing little bunny because not only is he one of a kind but he was made especially for me to show what I love in life. as you see he is enjoying a good book and great music the two things I must have to be happy okay well chocolate would be good to but you get the point. want to know a secret you can have your own Roux that shows you. Yep if you want your own piece of one of a kind of art work then pop on over to Roux's Place and take a look. I promise you'll fall in love with him to because he is just so awesome like his creator.

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