Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Poetry

Poetry the greatest form of writing in my opinion. I love poetry to see how a person can take a few words and create an emotion, an imagine to breathe life into words. Some of my favorite poets are Plath, Thomas, Whitman but even greater then those are my friends Rafa and Hilde who to me are two of the most powerful writers I know. They have this magnificent way of drawing you in and making you feel or see something you never thought you could. Their writing is powerful, emotional, raw and it just blows me away every time I read what they write. Do you have a favorite poem, poet or maybe you yourself write? If so leave a link to your favorite I would love to see what you find interesting and enjoyable.


Shattered in pieces

torn apart by pain

fragments of my heart

lay bleeding

vicious and violent

you riped without care

laughing with glee

at each tear

left in shreds

in a pile to die


P is for Pink:

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