Friday, November 9, 2012

Surfing in Stilettos

Surfing in Stilettos by Carol E Wyer is an entertaining and wonderfully written book. Here we meet up with Amanda Wilson and hubby Phil as they go on a year long trip around Europe. Along the way there is mishaps and adventure all being told in her blog she keeps. 

I have to say as I read this book Amanda became real to me like I was reading someones actual blog of adventures, laughter and poignant moments. All in all a great book. My only criticism is I wished I had known it was a squeal to  Mini Skirts & laughter Lines because there were occasion I felt I was missing a piece of the puzzle but over all it was a great read and is able to stand on it's own. I definitely recommend this as a good read and you should give it a try but maybe read the first book before diving in.

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