Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Sponsors

Kayla Potega is the owner of the feature, review and giveaway site, The Eclectic Element which focuses on maintaining a healthy balance in life; health conscious, gluten free, natural and organic, and environmentally friendly, as well as the fun side of life; movies, books, beauty and fashion among other things.

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I am a country girl who fits in with the city crowd too!  I love to travel and eat, is there anything more fun?  So on my blog you'll find random things that happen at my house (they are funny generally), sometimes serious things because it is life after all, my husband, step-daughter and our critters, food, fun and travel.

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"Mondorfment is about Montessori, Waldorf and Attachment Parenting.  I blog mainly about homeschooling, family life and green living but my passion is crunchy momma and natural, special needs parenting.  I'm big on handmade, local, and small business.

I'm currently running a Handmade Holiday Gift Guide Review and Giveaway which is all about supporting local and handmade artists."

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I also like to say thank you to these blogs that have offer to swap ad space with me.

Don't forget if you want to be part of this wonderful sponsor love there is still time to get in on the December sponsor special of 75% off with promo code GIFT.

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