Thursday, December 13, 2012

Small ways to bring the romance back into your marriage

Finding time to yourself as a mom can be pretty hard. Between the carpooling, the activities, work, and housework, you'd be hard pressed to find a moment to just sit. And even if you do, you're likely to feel guilty about it. But what about the time you spend with your husband? That's time--no matter how tired you feel--that you need to make sure you're taking, but it unfortunately gets lost in the hustle. He'll understand that all your time is going to the kids, but at the end of the day, you are both still the glue that holds everything together. So use some of these tips to bring back the romance and sexy time into your life.

Steal a few morning moments.

Try moving your bedroom time to the morning before the kids wake up. Surprise him in the shower or set your clock 30 minutes earlier than you usually do. You'll be tired at first, but it beats not having sex or having very tired sex at night and not being into it. This will help you guys feel connected, sexy and just a little more awake all day.

Focus on the little things.

When we get busy and in a routine, we forget to do the little things for our partners. Things just become expected and we stop appreciating stuff. You might not have time to get up and make your husband his favorite breakfast, but you can start complimenting him more and tell him how much you appreciate that he takes the trash out, etc. Your partner is likely to start returning the positive sentiments and you'll be astonished at how much it changes your outlook on your relationship. Just a few words can make you that much happier.

Have a date at home.

Getting a babysitter, going to dinner and a movie can get pretty expensive, but having a night alone together is key to staying happy. Nix the latter and drop your kids off at a neighbor of family member's house and then head home. Open a bottle of wine, make an easy dinner and watch your favorite movie together (uninterrupted). Appreciate the togetherness and the silence without feeling like you've broken the bank.

Ditch the duds.

Sweatpants and t-shirts are amazing. They're versatile, they're comfy and they're really ugly. No man gets excited when you throw on your baggy, stained sweatpants. They might be your favorite, but they certainly aren't his. Make an effort to throw on comfy, yet sexy pajamas or lingerie when you go to bed. The effort is the same, you're just not covered in flannel. Even if you've moved sexy time to morning, you both wake up feeling turned on. He'll appreciate the effort and you'll feel confident and beautiful. Need a few ideas of what to get? Jump over to

And then above all else, remember to make time to talk to each other. Spend 30 minutes a day talking and promise to not talk about the kids or work. It's hard, you may even feel like you've forgotten how to talk to your husband about anything else, but give it time and you'll find yourself learning all sorts of new things about him.

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YeamieWaffles said...

I adore your date at home idea Becca, it honestly is the best way of having a good night with your significant other without really going out and breaking the bank. These tips are all so good, love every single one of them.

Linda Primmer said...

Sounds like a wonderful date. We all need to time for ourselves and of course talk to each other.

Lucy said...

These are great! So many couples forget to keep things fresh or give each other time while the kids are home and then the kids grow up and leave and the couples find their relationship has also gone by the wayside. I am thrilled to say my husband and I are loving are alone time but we never ignored 'us' while raising our children either!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I totally agree with Lucy-Keeping a relationship regardless of whether it's a month old, a year old or 50 years old is essential to keep it fresh and, ultimately, lasting.

These are all fabulous tips to do just that everyone can implement :)


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